Starting blocks!

Welcome to Arts and Graces, a new blog which is predominantly a space to share my thoughts, feelings, and concerns about trying to survive as an artist in the big city of London. I like to think of myself as an actress, dancer and choreographer (and general theatre-making aficionado). In reality, I’m constantly struggling to find ways to keep creating in an increasingly unequal and underfunded environment.

I will share my tips and tricks for staying positive, and the little things that keep me going in this big bad but brilliant world. I will probably try to be wise and insightful, but at times seem only confused and frustrated- mainly because I am both confused and frustrated, and occasionally wise and insightful. But the one thing I can guarantee is my honesty.

So we find ourselves at the starting blocks for this blog. Watch this space for theatre reviews, ways to have fun on an artists budget, and general bloggy-ness with a [performing] arts focus.

I hope you enjoy reading, as much as I intend to enjoy writing. See you at the next post! 



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