My (twenty) Fourth Birthday!

I turned 24. That’s right – mid-twenties – as all my young fresh-faced 23-year-old friends like to keep reminding me. I realize in real-life 24 is actually not that old at all, but it just sounds a lot older than 23. I’m supposed to be a married lawyer with 4 kids, a dog and a holiday home by now right?

But these days life doesn’t really work that way, and to be honest I’m pretty glad about that. Although, the dog and holiday home sound pretty great.


I started the day, quite sophisticatedly, wandering down Columbia Road. As beautiful as the flower market is – the area is a thriving community of independent shop and restaurant owners selling unique and interesting pieces, great coffee, and delicious food.

I was quite naughty and brought myself lots of treats, but it is a wonderful way to spend a (relatively) sunny Sunday morning, with minimal cost – if you don’t get tempted like me!


After lunch, we then found our way over to Spitalfields City Farm. It’s got a lovely coffee hut for the adults, but most importantly lots of lovely animals to satisfy your inner child. It is also free, but they do ask for donations, and as it’s such a lovely place for both local children and adults to visits please do give what you can. The sun came out just as we arrived and we had a truly joyful experience. The goats were my favourite.




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