International Women’s Day – Inspiring Female Artists

Happy International Women’s Day! (For tomorrow)

I thought I’d share a bit about a few of the women in the arts who have inspired me over the last year.  All three are using their art and position to fight the good fight for female equality the world-over!

Matilda Ibini – Playwright. Her first play Muscavado is currently on tour after selling out a London run in a fringe venue. Tackles issues of slavery from the female perspective. I’ve not yet seen the play myself, but I’ve only heard good things, and from reading this interview, I knew Ibini deserved a place on my list.

Find out more here

Bryony Kimmings – Writer, Performer and general all round brillianter. – One of my all time feminist heroes. Occasional Sex Idiot, or 7 day’s drunk, but has now taken on the alter-ego of Catherine Bennett, Palaeontologist pop-star and Tweenage Icon and is potentially on the verge of international stardom giving young girls everywhere a positive inspiring role-model singing songs about animals, and apathy! Her show Credible Likeable Superstar Rolemodel – about Catherine Bennett’s creation was one of the best things I’ve ever seen!

Find out more here

Emma Watson  – Actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.  She may already by internationally famous and I’m sure many would dispute her as working in the arts –  but her incredible work on the He for She campaign and this speech she did at the UN means she is well deserving a spot on every single list of great women this year – I couldn’t really leave her off mine then could I?

If you are after something to do this weekend in London, head down to the Women of the World festival at the Southbank Centre, and celebrate the achievements of women and girls across the globe!


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