Show of the Month: Gecko ‘Missing’ – a review.

A new feature on my Blog. Show of the Month!  Kind of does what it say’s on the tin to be honest. A review of my absolute must-see dance or theatre in London that month.

For March, it is the turn of Gecko (again) to steal the show (pun intended), with their triumphant physical theatre show Missing. 

There is something about the way Gecko use text that excites me. With all dancers (mostly) speaking their own languages, we are left to take in smorgasbord of words, sounds, movement and technology to decipher the story. We see the non-linear narrative through the eyes of a women – ‘Lily’. It is a story about love. Love between Lily and her new husband, Lily and her mother, Lily’s parents, and really it’s just about love the whole world over.

Gecko Missing Flyer

I could sit here and describe the performance, detailing the most impressive scenes, and a summarizing the characters, but the details are not what is important, or impressive about the show. It is the way it is told.

The performer’s commitment to the movement, and to their characters – there is a passion that shines through from them and brings the world to life. They are assisted by the impressive staging, particularly the large screens behind which we see photographs and film come to life, and the conveyor belts used expertly as a choreographic tool.

The story itself could be anyone’s – but that’s what makes such a seemingly niche piece of theatre so accessible. It’s a show about life, essentially…or maybe love…or both, or maybe they are one in the same? These are just a few of the questions running around my mind after the show.

Gecko Missing Programme and Flyer

This was the third time I’ve seen Missing (creep alert, I know) and it has yet to disappoint me. In fact, it somehow manages to get better every time. I enjoyed every second that I was engrossing myself into the multi-mediatized (not really a word) masterpiece of Missing. I don’t want to say it’s the best show I’ve seen. But there is a reason I keep going back. If I’m honest, I would go again in a second (extra creep-alert).

Missing is at the Battersea Art’s Centre until the 21st March. Book Tickets HERE. 


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