Mother’s Day Gift Guide – For the cultured Mum

So, Mother’s Day is upon us, and I have put together an alternative culture-inspired gift guide.

Mum’s are great aren’t they? They give you hugs and make you tea. They encourage you to reach for the stars, and follow your dreams – even if your dream might be to run away with the circus, or go to clown school. (I have occasionally considered this and my mum has been nothing but supportive of it).

I may have already bought my mum a sparkly David Bowie fridge magnet for Mothers Day, but here is my little gift guide for other mum’s who might want something a little different to usual smellies, and jewellery this year. (Unless of course your mum loves smellies and jewellery  in which case go for it!)

Mother Day Gift Guide

Clockwise from top left:

For the fashion mum: Audrey Hepburn in hats £19.99 – if you were unlucky enough to miss out on tickets to Savage Beauty, this might be a nice consolation prize. Who doesn’t love the most elegant lady of all time in fancy headwear?

For the arty mum: Membership to the Tate –  For £62 you get free entry to all exhibitions for a year (and normally get to skip to the front of the queue.) As well as access to the members lounge. Not too shabby.

For the performance arty mum: Tickets for Auf dem Gebrige by Tanztheater Wuppertal (price varies)- Pina Bausch’s company, and legendary stars of ‘Pina’ the movie. A safe bet for an inspiring night out at the theatre. They are at Sadlers Wells from the 15th-18th April.

For the Danc – y and arty mum: A replica of Degas ‘little dancer aged fourteen’ £30 – perfect for either a mum who likes dance or art. It will look very cute on a mantel piece.

For the theatre mum: Theatre tokens (price varies) -it’s like copping out and getting vouchers – just better! They are available to buy online and at most theatres, and are eligible to be used on the majority of shows in the West End. Perfect if you aren’t too sure what her thing is (or if you’d rather she took someone else)


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