Peder Balke Exhibition at The National Gallery

The other day, I was in the area and had a free half an hour so popped into the National Gallery to find out a bit more about their new Inspiring Impressionism exhibition. I ended up not going to the paid exhibition, but instead I stumbled into the (free) Peder Balke Exhibit.

Whilst only small, it was quite the beauty. Balke’s scene’s from scandinavia – mainly water themed and using oil based paints are quite something to see all together in one place. It is the first time many of the paintings have been shown in the UK. Balke was active in the late  late 1800’s and is considered now to be a forerunner of the modernism movement.


When you see his impressive sea-scapes you’ll wonder why you’ve not heard of him before. His use of dark blue’s and grey’s, really captured my imagination. My favourite was a small oil on board (that was in a case rather than a wall so I very nearly missed it.) entitled Sun Breaking Through Clouds at Vardohus.

The exhibition is at the National Gallery until 12th April, and is completely free, so definitely worth a look if you have a spare 15mins in the area.




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