Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty at the V&A

A couple of day’s ago I headed down to the V&A for the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition. I stood in the greatest room I have ever and think will ever see. Floor to ceiling cabinets on all four walls of some of McQueen’s greatest designs, interspersed with screens showing some of his greatest catwalk triumphs.


What is most evident from the exhibition is that McQueen was an artist rather than a fashion designer. His imagination was astounding, and it gave us the beautiful, troubled, and out of this world works of art that stand in the V&A at the moment. His artistry is evident in his truly spectacular catwalk shows. One that stands out, a model stands spinning in a clean white dress, being sprayed with paint by machines either side. If you take it out of the fashion context, it’s live art not a fashion show.


What makes the exhibition so worth seeing, is not just to see these masterpieces close-up. (Although that is worth it). The curation of the exhibition is what makes it so spectacular. The rooms perfectly accompany the theme’s of each of McQueen’s collections or ‘periods’.

The only criticism I could give is that the exhibition kind of reaches it’s climax half way through, and we are left to wander slightly disappointed through to the final room. Perhaps this too reflects how since the loss of McQueen’s great mind, the company has turned it’s focus back to fashion and my guess would be profits in making clothes more wearable. As a result will lost the element of the fantastical that makes McQueen’s designs so spectacular.


The exhibition is on until 2nd August 2015.


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