The Chocolate Festival

choco Swan


It’s nearly here. Four whole days to lie on the sofa, go for walks in the sunshine (hopefully) and eat so much chocolate, hot cross buns and lamb that you can barely move when it comes to getting up for work on Tuesday.

Having made a trip to the Cheese, Wine and Chocolate festival I now feel like an expert on the stuff…

The Festival

After treating ourselves to some champagne and lots of incredible cheese, we took a wander round the Chocolate Festival, that this year has hijacked some of the floor space of The Cheese and Wine Festival in the Business Centre in Islington.

Now, as cheese and chocolate are pretty much my two favourite things in life, I was having a pretty good day. Stall after stall of free samples of some of the best cheese and chocolate not just in the UK, but world over.

Rococo chocs

Added bonus was Lush Cosmetics were there showing off their collection of chocolate based beauty goodies, and offering chocolatey treatments to the festival punters. Some better know brands like Rococos chocolate’s and Paxton and Whitfield Cheese where there, but it was a fabulous place to discover some exciting new brands (particularly in chocolate) who – from what I learnt in my tasting are doing pretty groundbreaking things in the world of chocolate.

But there will be more on my fave brands, and tasting experience later…



7 thoughts on “The Chocolate Festival

  1. A festival … for chocolate?! :O
    How awesome haha. Love that Lush were there to show off their chocolaty products – the chocolate face mask is so yummy! (I haven’t eaten it though, don’t worrk :P)



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