Chocolate Week Part 2: A Chocolate Tasting with Cocoa-Runners

Choc tasting

The Tasting Zone

It was a little cautiously that we entered into The Tasting Zone at The Chocolate Festival not knowing quite what to expect. What we got however couldn’t have been a better experience. An hour of trying different bean-to-bar chocolate’s from chocolatiers across the world

The most useful thing I learnt was that the trick to finding a decent bar is to ask where the beans come from. If they don’t know, it’s made from Belgian Chocolate and that means bad. Belgian chocolate is bad. End of story. (I didn’t know that before either, but the guy had reasons and it all made a lot of sense at the time!)

choc tasting 2

Cocoa Runners

The tasting was led by Cocoa Runners, a company who offer a subscription box service for bean-to-bar chocolates. In the subscription you get four large bars of fancy chocolate each month, and it is all wrapped in incredible insta-worthy packaging.

They really seemed to know their stuff, and all the chocolate we sampled was delicious, so if luxury chocolate is your thing, and you fancy a present getting delivered every month, you can find out more here. 

(Please note I do not own the photo of the chocolate)


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