Theatre themed chocolates…

Happy Easter

My final post in what I am now calling the Chocolate Series, in preparation for the most chocolate-themed day of the year. I hope you are all having a wonderfully, chocolately weekend!

sweet theatre collection

The Sweet Theatre

The beautiful packaging of The Sweet Theatre’s chocolate bars has awoken my inner theatre geek. Each flavour has it’s own’s Shakespeare leading lady that it represents, and this makes me very happy inside.

Although I only picked up my six favourite ladies, there are twelve characters (or flavours if you must) available in total. I can’t say that they are the greatest chocolate’s on the planet (Getting a bit cocky after that tasting!) but the few I’ve tried are really rather tasty indeed and Miranda and Lady Macbeth were both shortlisted for the Quality Food Awards 2014.

But let’s be honest – the quality of chocolate doesn’t matter, we only want them for the wrapper’s, and blooming great they are too! Find out more here. 

sweet theatre 1


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