Arty Project

What it is

A slightly different type of post today! I am very excited to be getting involved in the #ArtyProject!

It was an idea thought up by the marvellous Zoe and Vicky, who, after missing being able to get creative and put their talents to good use, decided to collaborate. They got a group of bloggers together and came up with this! The Arty Project!

How it works

Basically we will all have two months to produce a finished project (using the term ‘finished’ loosely – as we can all set our own goals and targets for how far we want to be at the end of those two months). There is a theme – and as we are all bloggers – ‘beauty’ was deemed most appropriate for the first batch of work produced! (Batch is a terrible word to describe art – I apologise!) We will post updates every two weeks on our progress. (hopefully!)

Ballet shoes

My Idea

As the above pic suggests, I will be utilising my skills as a dancer in this project, and making my first attempt to produce a short dance film. (eek…) Now, I may well only get as far as the storyboard by the June 4th deadline for the first Arty Project – but I am very keen to get going! (Although inspiration and subject matter escape me at present).

How you can get involved

This project is open to anyone who wants to get involved, whether you are an experienced artist or just want to try something new! Like I mentioned already, the art form is completely open and free, meaning you can be as creative as you like with what you make! If you want to get involved, just contact any of the bloggers involved and we will answer any Q’s, and can put you in touch with the group! Check out my contact page for my deets!

dance pic

You can check out the other bloggers involved below! I’m super excited to see what everyone comes up with, and be able to watch their process and progress on their blogs! What insight – aren’t we lucky!!

Zoe / Vicky / Annabel / Danielle / Maryam / Clara / Sarah / Uli / Manny


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