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Arty Inspirations. 

So a week on from my first post on the #ArtyProject (which you can find here) today, all participants are posting an update on their projects.

I mean…I’m probably not as far along as some of the other lovely artists but I have had far too many ideas to get my head around, and pin down to just one at this stage. We all work differently right? I guess my creative process is just a little bit of a mind-mess right now…

Anyway, I thought I’d try and give you an insight into that little mind-mess of mine by sharing some of the things that I’ve looked at and thought were beautiful this week. (beauty is theme – FYI)

Glass bottles

 Empty Glass Bottles 

There is something about an empty glass bottle that is just quite fascinating. Sure the big one is a pretty perfume bottle, and quite obviously beautiful. But – to go a little pretentious –  I find it interesting to think about all the things the bottle might have had in it at some point.



A postcard is possibly the most classic inspiration tool there ever was. I like these one’s for the simple blue background,  and Frida Kahlo because it is a) Frida Kahlo and b) It is Frida Kahlo in a sparkly hat. I think that needs no more explanation.



These are a few of my old choreographic journals from various past projects which I’ve been looking through in an attempt to get my head back in it’s dance-y zone and also get some movement ideas. P.s you are free to laugh at my ridiculous stick men drawings.

Single Skull


Bare with me while I go a bit deep into my head here. These skulls are made of precious stones, they are made to look pretty. but they are skulls. Skulls we associate with death, and fear. But maybe we should just associate skulls with our heads? Because, that’s like a tiny purple version of what we all look like under our faces you know…and face’s are the place on a human with what beauty is most associated…?

Ok I’m gonna stop there before it gets a bit weird up in here (oh I think probably a little too late). Anyway, so that’s a few items that may or may not influence my final piece, but they are certainly getting me thinking about all the initial ideas right now. I guess at the moment I am somewhere around thinking about why we subconsciously categorise certain things as good – why we like to have things we find attractive around us, and what is it that makes things attractive in the first place? But I basically need to find out if this is interesting enough to explore further – my questions may all be answered by google in 5 minutes time….we shall have to wait and see.

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And if you want to follow my #ArtyProject Pinterest board where I’m getting lots of ideas you can do so here.


10 thoughts on “#ArtyProject – Inspo

  1. Love your post Milli! This is so unique and so interesting. I love the fact that you are bringing your dance element into the mix too. I really can’t wait to see what you will do for your next update. Exciting stuff! 🙂


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