Thought of the week: Staying creative when working full-time

As I’ve kind of been doing this anyway, I thought I’d make a little feature out of my slightly ramble-y posts on life. 

 Life, eh?

It’s pretty blooming difficult to get your cake and eat it too. However – I think it probably is possible. I mean, I’m not saying I’ve figured it out yet – but there are some people out there who have!

stay creative


We all need to pay the bills, and most of us will worry about how we are going to make sure we can. Now – I don’t know about you, but I find it is almost impossible to make a stable living working as a performer, or artist of any kind, without taking on some kind of extra work. I’m lucky enough to still work within my industry when doing the 9-5 but before I got where I am I had a string of part-time jobs that I found so boring they brought on full-on anxiety, and panic attacks. Not really a good fit for me, huh?

Some people are able to work part-time jobs they aren’t that attached to in order to have flexible hours and be able to run off to audition at the drop of a hat. I however, am not able to do this. Perhaps my motivation isn’t strong enough.

It’s hard though, whatever job you are in, to stay creative and keep practicing your art when you are short of time thanks to work commitments, and are unlikely to be able to fully commit to any opportunities that would enable you to keep both your job, and your art afloat.

At the moment I’m happy where I am, and thanks to the Arty Project (which you can catch up on here and here) I am (sort of) able to get a bit of both in my life. I’d rather feel stable than go back to feeling like I was wasting away behind a till – which is generally what most of my anxiety stemmed from.

To be honest, I don’t really know where this is going now, because I don’t really have any answers or solutions for the problem. All I will say to any fellow artists reading this is that we all need to try and keep our creative juice’s flowing as much as possible. It will help keep us happy, and it will stop us resenting our jobs so quickly.

Do you have any thoughts on this topic? I’d really hear what you think about this issue?


4 thoughts on “Thought of the week: Staying creative when working full-time

  1. I can really relate to this post, I’m currently in a full time job that doesn’t interest me at all! I actually felt like I might have a panic attack at my desk yesterday because I was so bored!! I started up a blog recently as a little creative outlet to keep me sane!
    It’s so important to find something you enjoy doing isn’t it. Life’s just too short! Your post and my mini rant has got me all motivated to keep pushing myself down a creative path! 🙂 x x


  2. You spotted a subject I was thinking about lately quite often. I have my ups and downs working full-time and staying creative. Sometimes time is flying so quickly. But I guess I just need to put some extra effort into it to make it work! 😉 x


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