A View from The Thames

Shaken, not Stirred


This week I was invited to a James Bond themed boat party on the Thames. I mean, it’s not exactly the sort of thing I would normally go to, but since I’m trying to be a bit more adventurous I put my glad-rags on and journeyed up to Temple pier to board the Golden Jubliee.

It’s pretty fun to get dressed up and go and make new friends! I had a lovely time, and met some beautiful new people (Shout out to Jaye for the outfit shots). AND I got to bring out one of those ‘only worn once to a special occasion’ outfits and get some more wear out of it! Huzzah! There was prossecco involved too, which is never a bad thing, and I even got the chance to learn roulette at the mini casino that was set up on board. (We played with fake money luckily as I wasn’t very good!) There was also a magician, and a little bit of dancing at the end of the evening.

Ladbrokes face

arm up

arm detail

Dress and shoes both old all saints numbers. 

 A New Perspective

I’m rather glad I decided to go, as seeing my home city from a new perspective really helped to re-ignite my love for ole Mr London at a time when it was beginning to wain a little. I know the whole ‘if your tired of London your tired of life’ saying is often batted around at people like me, but if I’m honest, I am a little tired of the extortionate rents, travel costs, low wages, and general globalisation that’s bringing my beautiful city to it’s knees.

11081186_10153027623133110_1289045893942609059_n (1)



The globe

Tower bridge

But when you see it like this. You can’t help but feel proud, and honoured to be surrounded by such beautiful architecture, and I’m glad to be lucky enough to have access to all the cultural joys of London.

I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world…yet, anyway. If you want to catch this glimpse of the city you can hop on a Thames Clipper quite reasonably and easily, and stand out on the deck, where the views are just as epic, but a lot more frequent…as James Bond parties don’t roll around that often do they!

Thank you to Ladbrokes and BBB for the invite. 


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