#ArtyProject: Playlist


Hello again lovely friends, you may have heard about a little thing going on called the Arty Project. If it’s news to you, I would suggest going back and catching up on my first post here and my update here, if you want to have any idea what the rest of this post is on about!

So, i’m gonna be completely honest with you all here and let you know I’ve not made huge amounts of progress (read: none) since my last update. When the rest of the Bloggers decided we would all post on Thursday 30th (oops) I was a little panic stricken and kinda forced myself to do some brainstorming.

PicMonkey Collage

Now, lets be honest – this is not the best way to be creative is it – however the deadline is helpful, it forces you to start thinking, which in turn leads to some ideas. Whether they are good or not doesn’t matter to start with, they are something to work with, something to develop.  They can grow into something better.

So I (finally) came to a decision about the meaning of my dance-film. It will explore the beauty of the body, underneath the surface. The strength of the muscles, bones, organs and blood that keeps it all going. Underneath are skin, we are mostly built the same. There are of course many variations but we have the same skeletons, respiratory systems, cardiac systems, muscles groups, enzymes and fluids. Underneath our skin we are all beautiful in the same way. I think the way the human body functions is an incredible, impressive and almost incomprehensible thing.

I am still planning on using some of the things I talked about in my inspo post as props etc. Not sure how yet but we will get there in the next month hopefully! (ahhhhh!!!!)

So in the meantime I’ve been thinking about a soundtrack to this dance film. I want some silence in it, maybe some sound-effects of heart beats, breathing etc. but I also want music. so i’ve put together a little playlist for you all to get an idea of the type of tracks I might use. Have a listen, and, as always, I’d love to know your thoughts!


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13 thoughts on “#ArtyProject: Playlist

  1. I cannot WAIT to see how your work will turn out – you’ve taken a very different and super interesting route with this project and I love it! I cannot wait to see the next update, I really love the tracks you’ve chosen as well.. I can almost picture in my mind how your final piece will look but I am sure it won’t be the same lol.. Good luck!


  2. Milli this is an amazing idea! I love your interpretation of the theme. And the first song in the play list is my favourite and with what I’m imaging in my head it works so well. So excited to see the final result! xx


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