A Summer Reading List


I’ve taken up reading. I’ve never been a big reader and normally, once I start a book I’ll either finish it in a day, or not ever. But recently, I’ve made a few additions to my bookshelf, which if I’m wholly honest has never grown much past my university reading list. These additions have come in various shapes, sizes and forms of literature, but each and every one has contributed to my life in someway quite dramatically, and I thought I ought to share the love.

A grown-up picture book…

Firstly, there’s this beautiful hard-back specimen. The exhibition book from Savage Beauty at the V&A (find my review here). I fell in love as soon as I peaked inside, and before I’d even stepped foot in the exhibition. The photography is beautiful, and there is a perfect mix of exhibition images, catwalk shows, behind the scenes shots of McQueen himself, and some of the images that inspired his work in the first place. It was a little pricey, but it’s a coffee table book that could last a life-time, and always be a great conversation starter, even amongst those who aren’t into fashion.

Happy bank holiday mon-yay! #coffee #biscuits #book #bankholidaymonday

How to Build a Girl…

Next up, we have Caitlin Moran’s novel ‘How to build a girl’. I have loved reading this. So much so, that I’ve found myself not minding when my plans get cancelled, or my train is delayed – as it means I can tuck myself in bed early, or have an extra ten minutes with Johana and her family on the train.

The book is rude, funny, boundary-pushing and relatable to probably most women out there. I may not have grown up in Wolverhampton, walked around wearing a Top Hat, or found myself sleeping in a rockstar’s hotel bath at sixteen, but Caitlin Moran is a genius lady, and somehow makes you feel like you have. If you haven’t read this yet, and you want something that can make you cringe, cry, and look like a fool laughing out loud on the train then I would recommend this to you highly!


The Paris Collection 

I am planning to spend a week in Paris this summer, and have been trying to brush up on my french. I picked up this beautiful phrasebook in Anthropologie – I must admit – mainly for the pretty cover. I have been trying though, and having these book’s staring at me reminding me of my trip makes me push myself to revise. I also picked up the Spanish version (again, pretty.) but learning two languages at once is a bit much for anyone I think.

Everyman (again)

I HAD to pick up a copy of the Carol Ann Duffy Everyman script as soon as it was available. I will avoid gushing anymore at the absolute poetic genius of this play-text, as I already did that quite a lot in my review of the play (here). But it’s poignant, poetic, funny and swear-y, and I think it’s rather good.

For next time…

Now, The Guest Cat I haven’t actually read yet! But I’ve heard a lot of good things (plus – book about cat? yes, please!). This is going to be my next read. Has anyone read it already? I’d love to know your thoughts on it, or any of the others!


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