Thought of the Week: Reason’s to be Happy!

Reasons to be Happy

When I started my Thought of the Week series, it was intended as way to talk about the issue I’d thought about most that week.  So far, you guys have seemed to really enjoy reading them, and I’ve really appreciated every thought you’ve left in return. However, the nature of trying to discuss issues that effect people, whether personal, or global, means that these post’s aren’t always the most cheery. So today, I thought, LET’S JUST ONLY TALK ABOUT HAPPY THINGS.

 Puppy love!

Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Twitter will know this already but I’m getting a puppy! (Cue a series of awww’s and ahhh’s). I’m a proper animal lover and have asked for a puppy pretty much every birthday and Christmas since I could say the word! But now it’s finally happening, and she is the most adorable little creature that ever walked the earth! Her name is Sylvie and she will be home with me in just 5 ½ short weeks!

 Dance away the blues!

 I’ve been dancing more again recently. And I don’t mean in clubs or on nights out (I’m too much of an grandma for such things) but I’ve always been a dancer, training in ballet, contemporary and tap, and have recently (well nearly two years ago) taken up Lindy Hop as well! Social dancing is so much more enjoyable than I ever realized (If a little scary sometimes not having choreography to hide behind!) But in the last month, I’ve done a performance, an intensive workshop, been to class every week and a social dance. I’ve also taught more contemporary classes, and started choreographing again!

Dancing has always made me happy but post-uni it’s hard to keep it up, the industry is notoriously difficult to make a living in, but I’m trying to get better at not thinking about that too much, and just enjoying being able to dance for fun!

 Tidy house, tidy mind!

I’ve become a tidy person. Anyone who I’ve ever lived with, or stayed in a room with for more than 1 hour will know that this is an incredible development in my life. I always thought I was more likely to be the first woman on Mars than to become a tidy person. But it’s happened. I’m really enjoying it at the moment. All my things look so nice, and my clothes are always clean and I can always find everything I’m looking for! I really should’ve done this earlier! (On a side note slightly worrying as it makes me stressed when things aren’t tidy now, but for the meantime I’m enjoying my new pristine living space!

 Ireland and People

On a less personal note! WOO GO IRELAND! I don’t remember a time when there was such a pro-other people display of love and respect anywhere in the world. I think people with extreme views are too much in charge of everything. And it’s great that Ireland just said, Hey hold up! We may believe in different things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live side by side peacefully, and it definitely doesn’t mean you are any less than anyone else! It’s quite spectacular, and I think more things like this need to happen. If we just looked out for each other a bit more, not necessarily in huge political referendum’s but also just in everyday life, then the world would be a better, happier, and more peaceful place.

On that note, have you got any happy news to share! I’d love to do a round-up of other people’s happy things, so we can celebrate all our success, news and lives together! Let me know in a comment if you would like to be included!


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