Afternoon Tea at The Wallace Collection

Tea and flowers

An Afternoon Treat

After seeing some beautiful photo’s of the restaurant at the Wallace Collection all over Instagram, I wanted to give it a go myself and booked a little treat. (Instagram fomo is real!).

So of we trotted up to Marylebone on a sunny sunday to see what all the fuss was about! I’d never been inside The Wallace Collection building before, let alone the restaurant, but it is a pretty special place! A glass roof, pink walls, and pretty tree’s give the illusion of being sat outside on a terrace in Italy (albeit eating traditional english afternoon tea…).

Me at Tea

Skip to the good bit…

Of course, nice environments, and pleasant staff are important, but I’m sure you’ll all agree with me when I say that the food is what matters the most right! Well, good news, it was lovely! Some of the sandwich flavours weren’t my cup of tea (s’cuse the pun) but I can be fussy sometimes (slash I just can’t cope with cold egg it’s seriously gross why was that ever invented!) and my company for the occasion scoffed them up quickly enough!

The scone’s were tasty – and the tiny cakes were not only especially cute, but also especially delicious! It’s hard to pick my favourite between the miniature Lemon Meringue Pie, and Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Heart!

Cake Stand

Tea pot and cakes

After the tea we had a look round the collection, tried on some armour (not kidding, you can do that!) and had a little look round at the art work on display! I’m not the hugest fan of galleries full of very old paintings…it felt a little pretentious, but I did enjoy looking at the special weaponry, and The Laughing Cavalier made me smile a lot! It’s definitely worth a visit, as it’s free to enter as well!

Then a wander round Marylebone, and some fantasy house shopping in estate agent windows was definitely called for! Myself, and guest both concluded that we were far to full for dinner. So at £17.50 per person, for the setting, service, location, and food I decided it was worth every penny for a well deserved occasional treat!

If you’d like to see what I wore for the occasion, check out my outfit post here!





11 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at The Wallace Collection

  1. I wish we had more afternoon tea spots in San Francisco – this looks like a lovely way to spend an afternoon! I’m so happy that Uli at Found Some Paper introduced us via Twitter today. I love your site. New follower here!

    xo, Lisa // Strum Simmer Sip


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