May favourites!

It’s that time again (where on earth has this month gone!!) In fact it’s gone so quickly, I didn’t really have enough beauty favourites to do a post exclusively on that. So instead I decided to just round up my favourites things regardless of their category – because why discriminate ey?


Shoes May Faves

Now unless you’ve been stuck under an instagram-free rock over the past month (good for you if you have been – I’m little obsessed :/)  you will have seen a shed-load of lace-up ballet pumps, a-la Altuzarra. But if, like me you don’t have a spare 400 bob to shell out on a pair of shoes then you’ll have masses of appreciation for these Topshop beauts. Now, to be honest, I was almost reluctant to put them in my favourites, because  – oh the blisters! – but they are just. so. pretty. Find them here!



A few new piece’s I picked up this month, were this pretty delicious orangey smelling shower/bath cream from Soap and Glory. So smelly, and very moisturising, it doesn’t dry my skin out like a lot of soap-like products do!

On the orange theme, how gorgeous is this Lipstick colour from Topshop beauty! It’s orange but not too orange…it’s generally just a very nice colour, particularly if like me you are waring of branching out too far from a classic red, or subtle pink!

Confession time:  I had to look up what this eyebrow pencil’s exact name is because I’ve used it so much it’s rubbed off. It’s the Brow Satin, and for anyone with thin, fair eyebrows like me it is a beaut of a product. I’ve never had any bad eyebrow products before, but also never any that I’ve been like ‘WOW everyone look at my eyebrows!’ (that did happen) It’s double ended, one with a pencil, the other with a powder already on a sponge that fills in gaps! It’s great, and under a fiver! What more do you need!


Cactus May

This is Clemence and he is my Cactus. I bought him for £2.50 at a Market, and now he is mine, and I look after him and he makes me happy, because he doesn’t die like all the other plants I’ve ever owned. That is why Clemence is my favourite.

What have you been loving this month?


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