A British Summer and Another Button Down Skirt.

Brighton 6

Stormy Seas

After making plans for a weekend trip to the seaside, booking a BnB and train tickets, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I read the weather forecast and it showed high winds, and lots and lots of rain. As it is now officially summer I decided to just pretend that this wasn’t the case, and we ventured on regardless.

Thankfully,  Brighton is one of those places with enough to do, that even a storm can’t ruin the fun. (I actually have always really enjoyed being by the sea when it’s stormy  – it  makes me feel like I’m in a dramatic scene in a period drama movie – not sure why…). But back on topic, we had a lovely day strolling the laines, eating cake, and making up new rules to play at the 2p machines in the arcade. In one of few breaks in the rain we managed to take some rather windswept photos, so I could share my weather inappropriate outfit with you.


Green house



What I Wore

Jacket-Vintage / Shirt-Zara / Skirt-Topshop / Shoes-Topsop

I’d been very reluctant to go for a button down skirt as it’s just become a bit too trendy, but my only other denim skirt is a rider, and I was need. I had a Topshop voucher, and this one had to do. But then, I haven’t taken it off since I brought it. It’s easy to wear, comfy and incredibly versatile. Ignore the hype, if you want one then buy one!

I stupidly decided that a non-waterproof, hoodless jacket would suffice and of course I wouldn’t need an umbrella – don’t be silly this is BRITAIN it’s always sunny and it never rains – ever! You’d have thought that after 24 years of holidaying round the English coast I would’ve learnt my lesson, but alas, no. I got very wet, yet again.

To top it all off, my favourite comfy walking shoes that were the only one’s I had brought down with me, are not only velvet (yet again, excellent choice considering you had actually checked the forecast Milli) and they then also got a hole in the sole. (The ever fantastically well made Topshop for you ladies and gents) So naturally, my feet got very wet also.

But the moral of the story is never let a bit of rain, wet feet, and a crumpled shirt spoil the fun!

brighton pier

Brighton 5

old pier



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