Picnic Perfect

Dress and Jacket

Ducks, ice cream, and tiny sausages

Really is there anything more classic “Summer in London” than a walk along the Serpentine with ice cream in hand, and a spontaneous picnic? Not in my opinion friends.

And this time, I even decided to be extra prepared for any spontaneous picnic-ing by wearing the picnic blanket on myself! I jest, but this outfit is pretty heavy on the gingham, in a good way of course because really – what could be more fun than frolicking around in a frilly gingham dress? And what gives you a better excuse to get over-excited feeding ducks and having Ice Cream than being dressed just a teensy bit like a five year old? Very little I tell you!

You can just about tell that we are in London, thanks to some building’s peeping out over the tree-tops (and one very large one!) But if it wasn’t for this, the endless reems of Boris bikes, and the concrete pavement (and people of course, so. many. people) you’d think it was somewhere out in the lush green countryside!

Hyde Park

Hyde Park with and without jacket

Back of dress

I took hair inspiration from the ever-stylin’ Little Miss Katy, as I have a theory that pollen in hair might be cause of a certain particular kind of sneezing that can wreck havoc, and ruin a lovely summer picnic faster than those pesky grey clouds you can see in the distance! (That, and I left my replacement Frizz-Ease under my desk on friday night…)

I’ve had this amazing Topshop shirt since last year, and it’s a definite summer staple for me, but I always wear it as a thin, throw-on jacket. The back of this dress is so pretty, but in the interests of full disclosure, I have to admit, the Jacket did not come off once, excluding the taking of the above photo. I’m a pretty pasty one, and however lovely the back of a dress might be, getting my un-creamed skin out is not worth risking lobster syndrome (stay safe in the sun my friends.

Shirt – Topshop (similar here / Dress – Zara / Shoes – Converse


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