My favourite Instagram Accounts: Part 1


After having such a great response to my blogging favourites a couple of week’s ago (here) I  thought I’d share a few of my instagram favourites. These are three account’s I follow that I just can’t help but like every photo they post.


This account is run by a fab lady based in the US of A. She is a creative blogger, and is always posting cool and quirky things that she’s either made or found. I love this Vnyl sign, (and the ‘M’ because I just really want one of these for my own bedroom right now!) There is always lots of colour, and fun in her post’s, and the captions are amusing too! What more could you want!


This beautiful minimalist account is run by a blogger in Paris called Angeline. Now I’m a sucker for any Paris based instagram account, I think the city is pretty much the most aesthetically pleasing place on the planet, and I’ve always had a deep rooted love for it, so I probably am biased. But, basically, I just want all my photo’s to look like her’s all the time. There is a great mix of food, fashion and everything in between. And this lady has got that instagram theme thing DOWN!


Holly has one of those accounts where it’s all just lovely and monochrome all the time. She’s got the art of a good pic down to a T. Like Angeline, she has a nice mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle (and of course the obligatory morning cup of coffee snap). And her account is less of a ‘If only that could be my life’ and more of a ‘That could actually be life if I just spent more time arranging my photo’s’ and I mean that as a good thing. (obvs – she’s in the favourites!)

So if your after some new accounts to follow, these ladies come highly recommended by myself! And (cheeky plug) you can find my account here too, if you would like to come and say hello!


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