Wishlist: Pick of the Sales

It’s that time again! When everything you’ve already bought is a little bit cheaper, and every thing you put off buying is now affordable. BUT in order to get there you have to trawl through a load of people standing around your rail, dropping things on the floor, wiping their hands on stuff you want, and just general being awful. OR spend about 4 hours online shopping only to realise when you go to checkout everything you wanted is sold out in your size. So as I was busying myself with option number 2, I thought it would be nice to take the pain out of sales shopping for some of you if I could.



I’m in love with these sunglasses, but I know the shape won’t suit my face. Please, someone give them a loving home! Also – these shoes…I’ve seen them in real life and I just want to stroke them again!

Shoes – Whistles – £70 / Sunglasses – Zara – £12.99 / Hat – Whistles – £22.50

Dresses, Playsuits, and some Culottes for good measure. 


This black playsuit though. It may not be the most summery of colours – but it will see you through all the season’s because black tights. I also desperately want some culottes, but I am far too scared to order any online as I can predict the future when they are just weirdly full length on my little legs.

Dress – Topshop – £20 / Playsuit – Zara – £25.99 / Culottes  – Topshop (branded)  – £75)



This glittery sweatshirt is so perfect for that moment in the evening at a BBQ or on the beach when it just gets a little bit too chilly, but theres no way your ready to go inside! Also  – suede and denim. They need no further explanation.

Suede – Zara – £17.99 / Sweatshirt – Whistles – £60 / Denim shirt – Zara – £17.99

Happy Shopping Everybody!


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