Being a Day Breaker


So if you are a regular over here, then you might have guessed from last week’s thought of the week that I’ve been a little bit over-worked and pretty much completely exhausted recently, with the new arrival of a certain someone to boot.

But on Thursday I was lucky enough to score a ticket to Lipton’s Be a Day Breaker event at the Magic Roundabout at Old Street, and I thought – what the hey! One more sleep deprived night won’t hurt, so of I trotted bright and early to attempt to be at Old Street by 7.30am. (It was actually more like 8.15 but shhhh) to see if that old proverb about said early birds, and worm catching really is a thing.

Well, I think maybe they are on to something there, as I had a pretty wonderful start to my Friday, and all before I even had to go to work.




I entered to lots of very awake, very active people dancing around to the DJ’s, and was rather relieved to spot fellow blogger, and gifter of ticket, Hannah, almost immediately (she is a total babe – and took these fab outfit shots for me as well!) and after picking up my rather pinterestable Ice Tea in a jar, we got in the queue for the food.

After a rather angsty half an hour (I’m not good in long queues pre-breakfast) we picked up our breakfast’s from Burger Bear, and my oh my, they were worth the wait. Pork burger, bacon, egg, and cheese. I don’t think I really need to say much more, other than YUMMMMM. It beat my usual cornflakes hands down.

After filling my belly with deliciousness, and lots and lots of Ice tea, we had a mooch around the pretty trendy venue, and sat on a bench that doubled as a swing, which was simultaneously both excellent fun, and slightly terrifying, and took some photos.

After that, I popped back onto the magical world of public transport and back to work.

I have to say it was totally worth loosing the extra hour or two in bed for. I felt so fresh and happy for the rest of the day, and surprisingly awake as well! I would recommend early morning party’s whole-heartedly to anyone considering it!




What I Wore

Dress / Brandy Melville, Shoes / Topshop, Sunglasses / Monki 

Thank you to Lipton Ice Tea, and Hannah Gale for the wonderful morning!


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