Being a Day Breaker


So if you are a regular over here, then you might have guessed from last week’s thought of the week that I’ve been a little bit over-worked and pretty much completely exhausted recently, with the new arrival of a certain someone to boot.

But on Thursday I was lucky enough to score a ticket to Lipton’s Be a Day Breaker event at the Magic Roundabout at Old Street, and I thought – what the hey! One more sleep deprived night won’t hurt, so of I trotted bright and early to attempt to be at Old Street by 7.30am. (It was actually more like 8.15 but shhhh) to see if that old proverb about said early birds, and worm catching really is a thing.

Well, I think maybe they are on to something there, as I had a pretty wonderful start to my Friday, and all before I even had to go to work.




I entered to lots of very awake, very active people dancing around to the DJ’s, and was rather relieved to spot fellow blogger, and gifter of ticket, Hannah, almost immediately (she is a total babe – and took these fab outfit shots for me as well!) and after picking up my rather pinterestable Ice Tea in a jar, we got in the queue for the food.

After a rather angsty half an hour (I’m not good in long queues pre-breakfast) we picked up our breakfast’s from Burger Bear, and my oh my, they were worth the wait. Pork burger, bacon, egg, and cheese. I don’t think I really need to say much more, other than YUMMMMM. It beat my usual cornflakes hands down.

After filling my belly with deliciousness, and lots and lots of Ice tea, we had a mooch around the pretty trendy venue, and sat on a bench that doubled as a swing, which was simultaneously both excellent fun, and slightly terrifying, and took some photos.

After that, I popped back onto the magical world of public transport and back to work.

I have to say it was totally worth loosing the extra hour or two in bed for. I felt so fresh and happy for the rest of the day, and surprisingly awake as well! I would recommend early morning party’s whole-heartedly to anyone considering it!




What I Wore

Dress / Brandy Melville, Shoes / Topshop, Sunglasses / Monki 

Thank you to Lipton Ice Tea, and Hannah Gale for the wonderful morning!


Meet Sylvie


I told you there would be a little bit of life news for you this week! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (if not, you can do, here and here) then you will probably be well aware already, as I have had no shame in spamming your newsfeed’s with this little bundle of loveliness!


I have adopted a little Westie Puppy named Sylvie, and I love her more than I ever thought possible! She is an absolute darling (when she’s not chewing everything in sight) and has giant ears!  If you would like to see more of her face you can follow her on instagram here, because yes, I am that person now!

Here we are on one of her very first walks, the grass is like a desert thanks to this hot weather! Let’s get some rain please, so Sylvie can romp about in some luscious greenery for her next photoshoot! On the plus side – a pretty great view for an evening walk in your local park!



Yes I am trying a new hair thing out here, no it’s not due to the hot weather, but due to Sylvie having a bit of a thing for long dangly things.

What I wore

Skirt / Topshop, Top / Vintage

Wishlist: Pick of the Sales

It’s that time again! When everything you’ve already bought is a little bit cheaper, and every thing you put off buying is now affordable. BUT in order to get there you have to trawl through a load of people standing around your rail, dropping things on the floor, wiping their hands on stuff you want, and just general being awful. OR spend about 4 hours online shopping only to realise when you go to checkout everything you wanted is sold out in your size. So as I was busying myself with option number 2, I thought it would be nice to take the pain out of sales shopping for some of you if I could.



I’m in love with these sunglasses, but I know the shape won’t suit my face. Please, someone give them a loving home! Also – these shoes…I’ve seen them in real life and I just want to stroke them again!

Shoes – Whistles – £70 / Sunglasses – Zara – £12.99 / Hat – Whistles – £22.50

Dresses, Playsuits, and some Culottes for good measure. 


This black playsuit though. It may not be the most summery of colours – but it will see you through all the season’s because black tights. I also desperately want some culottes, but I am far too scared to order any online as I can predict the future when they are just weirdly full length on my little legs.

Dress – Topshop – £20 / Playsuit – Zara – £25.99 / Culottes  – Topshop (branded)  – £75)



This glittery sweatshirt is so perfect for that moment in the evening at a BBQ or on the beach when it just gets a little bit too chilly, but theres no way your ready to go inside! Also  – suede and denim. They need no further explanation.

Suede – Zara – £17.99 / Sweatshirt – Whistles – £60 / Denim shirt – Zara – £17.99

Happy Shopping Everybody!

Picnic Perfect

Dress and Jacket

Ducks, ice cream, and tiny sausages

Really is there anything more classic “Summer in London” than a walk along the Serpentine with ice cream in hand, and a spontaneous picnic? Not in my opinion friends.

And this time, I even decided to be extra prepared for any spontaneous picnic-ing by wearing the picnic blanket on myself! I jest, but this outfit is pretty heavy on the gingham, in a good way of course because really – what could be more fun than frolicking around in a frilly gingham dress? And what gives you a better excuse to get over-excited feeding ducks and having Ice Cream than being dressed just a teensy bit like a five year old? Very little I tell you!

You can just about tell that we are in London, thanks to some building’s peeping out over the tree-tops (and one very large one!) But if it wasn’t for this, the endless reems of Boris bikes, and the concrete pavement (and people of course, so. many. people) you’d think it was somewhere out in the lush green countryside!

Hyde Park

Hyde Park with and without jacket

Back of dress

I took hair inspiration from the ever-stylin’ Little Miss Katy, as I have a theory that pollen in hair might be cause of a certain particular kind of sneezing that can wreck havoc, and ruin a lovely summer picnic faster than those pesky grey clouds you can see in the distance! (That, and I left my replacement Frizz-Ease under my desk on friday night…)

I’ve had this amazing Topshop shirt since last year, and it’s a definite summer staple for me, but I always wear it as a thin, throw-on jacket. The back of this dress is so pretty, but in the interests of full disclosure, I have to admit, the Jacket did not come off once, excluding the taking of the above photo. I’m a pretty pasty one, and however lovely the back of a dress might be, getting my un-creamed skin out is not worth risking lobster syndrome (stay safe in the sun my friends.

Shirt – Topshop (similar here / Dress – Zara / Shoes – Converse

A British Summer and Another Button Down Skirt.

Brighton 6

Stormy Seas

After making plans for a weekend trip to the seaside, booking a BnB and train tickets, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I read the weather forecast and it showed high winds, and lots and lots of rain. As it is now officially summer I decided to just pretend that this wasn’t the case, and we ventured on regardless.

Thankfully,  Brighton is one of those places with enough to do, that even a storm can’t ruin the fun. (I actually have always really enjoyed being by the sea when it’s stormy  – it  makes me feel like I’m in a dramatic scene in a period drama movie – not sure why…). But back on topic, we had a lovely day strolling the laines, eating cake, and making up new rules to play at the 2p machines in the arcade. In one of few breaks in the rain we managed to take some rather windswept photos, so I could share my weather inappropriate outfit with you.


Green house



What I Wore

Jacket-Vintage / Shirt-Zara / Skirt-Topshop / Shoes-Topsop

I’d been very reluctant to go for a button down skirt as it’s just become a bit too trendy, but my only other denim skirt is a rider, and I was need. I had a Topshop voucher, and this one had to do. But then, I haven’t taken it off since I brought it. It’s easy to wear, comfy and incredibly versatile. Ignore the hype, if you want one then buy one!

I stupidly decided that a non-waterproof, hoodless jacket would suffice and of course I wouldn’t need an umbrella – don’t be silly this is BRITAIN it’s always sunny and it never rains – ever! You’d have thought that after 24 years of holidaying round the English coast I would’ve learnt my lesson, but alas, no. I got very wet, yet again.

To top it all off, my favourite comfy walking shoes that were the only one’s I had brought down with me, are not only velvet (yet again, excellent choice considering you had actually checked the forecast Milli) and they then also got a hole in the sole. (The ever fantastically well made Topshop for you ladies and gents) So naturally, my feet got very wet also.

But the moral of the story is never let a bit of rain, wet feet, and a crumpled shirt spoil the fun!

brighton pier

Brighton 5

old pier


Thought of the Week: Blog’s I’m loving!

Blogs I'm loving!

So I don’t know about you but I waste a lot of time on the internet, and most of that is spent either online shopping (hello Asos) or reading blogs. Now, since I started blogging myself, I’ve started reading more and more and learning about new bloggers and different genre’s and there are a few that I seem to go back to time and again (every day) and I wanted to spread some love, and share them with you lot! Now I’ve only been in this game for about 4 months now, but these lovely blogs are all inspirations to me, and so if you enjoy my blog I imagine you’ll enjoy theirs as well.

Creativity by Uli. 

I love reading Uli’s post’s because they are always so different. Her pictures are colourful, and vibrant and her writing is intelligent and insightful. She describes herself as ‘an advocate of creativity’ and there is always something you can get involved in. Her post ‘Found Some Thoughts on Creativity’ post is one of my favourites.

Fashion/Lifestyle by Daisy Alice

This girls got great style and her food photography always makes me hungry! She’s got a great balance between fashion/style posts and lifestyle, and I love the ‘Shop’ feature on her page (saves me a lot of the afore-mentioned ASOS time wastage!)

Food/Health by Lauren

Lauren is my favourite go-to blogger for healthy lifestyle posts. She has some gorgeous recipe posts, and I love reading her well-being advice. My favourite is her ‘Why you should put happiness first post!’

Photography / Blogging Tips by Melissa

Now, I was trying to stick with blogs under 1000 followers, but I also thought I’d put in a blogger that I take mega-inspiration from, and someone who I aspire to have a blog even remotely like some way down the line. Although this technically isn’t a photography blog, but Melissa’s photographs are INCREDIBLE! She post’s some lovely style posts, but my personal favourites are the tips posts, that cover both blogging and general life. One of my recent favourite’s is ‘how to be a success’!

Future Friends

So there you have it 4 of my absolute favourite blogs that I read time and time again. I hope you’ve made some new discoveries!  It feel’s good to share some blogging love, and I’m always looking for more blogs to follow so please always share your links in your comments on my posts, and let me know if you have any favourite bloggers you’d like to see in one of these post’s in the future!

May favourites!

It’s that time again (where on earth has this month gone!!) In fact it’s gone so quickly, I didn’t really have enough beauty favourites to do a post exclusively on that. So instead I decided to just round up my favourites things regardless of their category – because why discriminate ey?


Shoes May Faves

Now unless you’ve been stuck under an instagram-free rock over the past month (good for you if you have been – I’m little obsessed :/)  you will have seen a shed-load of lace-up ballet pumps, a-la Altuzarra. But if, like me you don’t have a spare 400 bob to shell out on a pair of shoes then you’ll have masses of appreciation for these Topshop beauts. Now, to be honest, I was almost reluctant to put them in my favourites, because  – oh the blisters! – but they are just. so. pretty. Find them here!



A few new piece’s I picked up this month, were this pretty delicious orangey smelling shower/bath cream from Soap and Glory. So smelly, and very moisturising, it doesn’t dry my skin out like a lot of soap-like products do!

On the orange theme, how gorgeous is this Lipstick colour from Topshop beauty! It’s orange but not too orange…it’s generally just a very nice colour, particularly if like me you are waring of branching out too far from a classic red, or subtle pink!

Confession time:  I had to look up what this eyebrow pencil’s exact name is because I’ve used it so much it’s rubbed off. It’s the Brow Satin, and for anyone with thin, fair eyebrows like me it is a beaut of a product. I’ve never had any bad eyebrow products before, but also never any that I’ve been like ‘WOW everyone look at my eyebrows!’ (that did happen) It’s double ended, one with a pencil, the other with a powder already on a sponge that fills in gaps! It’s great, and under a fiver! What more do you need!


Cactus May

This is Clemence and he is my Cactus. I bought him for £2.50 at a Market, and now he is mine, and I look after him and he makes me happy, because he doesn’t die like all the other plants I’ve ever owned. That is why Clemence is my favourite.

What have you been loving this month?

My New Favourite Blue!

Apple Tree

Nice weather for it! 

The weather’s been a bit all over the place this May in London, and outfit wise I have seemed to get it wrong most days. Jeans and jumpers in 20 degree sun, and bare legs and leather jacket with freshly washed hair and no brolly in 12 hour long torrential downpours! BUT the weekend… on the weekend, I finally got the hang of this checking the forecast in the morning business – or rather looking out the window because I get to sleep in later! (Kind of, I was still quite overdressed on Saturday and got a little hot and bothered on my bus ride!)

Blue skirt

But Sunday, I was heading out for a classic Afternoon Tea, and when I saw the sun was back out and shining down, was quite desperate to wear this beauty of a skirt I picked up a few weeks ago now! It’s just the BEST BLUE EVER! It feel’s like summer when you wear it, and it makes me feel happy every time I look down, because everything is great when you are wearing cornflower blue, and it doesn’t make you look five, or eighty!

Leather in hand

Blue skirt double!

Apple tree blue skirt

The shoes aren’t the best choice, but I really need to invest in some new summer flats as all mine are about 10 years old and don’t hold up so well with the walking part of shoe wearing. Some might argue (all people hopefully) that this is the main purpose of shoes, and I didn’t want to lie to you all and pretend I’d worn ridiculous shoes around all day when I hadn’t because I rarely do that! (I like my feet, and it’s nice to be able to feel them!)

Watch out for my Afternoon Tea post coming later on this week! It was pretty damn tasty!

What I Wore

Skirt / & Other Stories, Blouse / River Island, Shoes / Dune, Leather Jacket / All Saints