May favourites!

It’s that time again (where on earth has this month gone!!) In fact it’s gone so quickly, I didn’t really have enough beauty favourites to do a post exclusively on that. So instead I decided to just round up my favourites things regardless of their category – because why discriminate ey?


Shoes May Faves

Now unless you’ve been stuck under an instagram-free rock over the past month (good for you if you have been – I’m little obsessed :/)  you will have seen a shed-load of lace-up ballet pumps, a-la Altuzarra. But if, like me you don’t have a spare 400 bob to shell out on a pair of shoes then you’ll have masses of appreciation for these Topshop beauts. Now, to be honest, I was almost reluctant to put them in my favourites, because  – oh the blisters! – but they are just. so. pretty. Find them here!



A few new piece’s I picked up this month, were this pretty delicious orangey smelling shower/bath cream from Soap and Glory. So smelly, and very moisturising, it doesn’t dry my skin out like a lot of soap-like products do!

On the orange theme, how gorgeous is this Lipstick colour from Topshop beauty! It’s orange but not too orange…it’s generally just a very nice colour, particularly if like me you are waring of branching out too far from a classic red, or subtle pink!

Confession time:  I had to look up what this eyebrow pencil’s exact name is because I’ve used it so much it’s rubbed off. It’s the Brow Satin, and for anyone with thin, fair eyebrows like me it is a beaut of a product. I’ve never had any bad eyebrow products before, but also never any that I’ve been like ‘WOW everyone look at my eyebrows!’ (that did happen) It’s double ended, one with a pencil, the other with a powder already on a sponge that fills in gaps! It’s great, and under a fiver! What more do you need!


Cactus May

This is Clemence and he is my Cactus. I bought him for £2.50 at a Market, and now he is mine, and I look after him and he makes me happy, because he doesn’t die like all the other plants I’ve ever owned. That is why Clemence is my favourite.

What have you been loving this month?


April Beauty Favourites

It’s that time again – a beauty summary for April. I’ve been a little adventurous this month, and I’m feeling rather proud of myself for getting some whole new types of products in my routine!

April beauty favourites

Vintage Cosmetics Brushes:  

Now I’m not a brushes kind of girl, I like a minimal look when it comes to my make-up, and I find it quicker to use a finger to blend my concealer than go to any effort washing brushes. I’ve had the same blusher brush for about 10 years, pretty much unwashed for its entire lifetime (Ahem). I’m just not good at brushes.

But then I saw these lovely, pretty things on Georgina’s blog Fox on the Hunt, and I just really wanted them in my life.

I’m so glad I got them because, not only is the pale pink/silver combo making my dressing table look all kinds of great; they are also pretty much the softest things I’ve ever had touch my face in all my life. I will have to update you on whether or not I clean them – or they just get relegated to the bottom of my make-up bag in exchange for my much easier to wash hands, but I really hope it is the former!

Red dress April Favourites

Bobbi Brown Blush: 

Now, this one technically may be cheating, as this blusher is not mine, but my mum’s. But let me tell you it is great (evidenced by the fact that I steal it every morning). It is Bobbi Brown’s in ‘Nude Peach’ and it is a great natural shade for anyone pale like me, who also likes a natural look and is a bit afraid of contouring for fear of looking like a Picasso! It’s not too shimmery, and it would be hard to put too much on. Basically it just helps make me look a little bit more alive, and a little less ‘are you feeling ok? You look very pale’.

April faves collage

Lush Eau Roma Water Toner:

Now on top of never really owning brushes – I’ve also never really owned a toner before. I don’t believe in buying things if you aren’t sure of their use, and to be honest I’ve never really understood what the point of a toner was. But, when I was perusing the new, incredible Lush Flagship store on Oxford Street, (go, go, go!) I came across this bad-boy!

I read – ‘calms sensitive skin’ and ‘aromatherapy’ and then the very short ingredient list and decided it was for me. Anything that can calm my skin and my nerves is going to have to make it into my all time favourite things on this planet. Not only that, but it actually works as well. My redness and rosacea are almost gone, and I have never used a product that worked this well so quickly, and without causing some kind of pimple break-out or strange rash!

The lavender scent and I think also the action of spritzing water onto my face is actually quite relaxing, and awakening (obviously if you spritz any kind of water in someone’s face it will awaken them so that’s probably nothing to do with the formula).Now to be honest, I still don’t really know what a toner is meant to do – but I like this product, and as it’s under a fiver, I think I can forgive that!

So there we have it, my April favourites are in my opinion some real hum-dinger’s! Have you tried any of them?

Shout out to May’s Vogue as well for all the pretty pictures!

Five New Beauty Staples

March Favourites 1

My first beauty post

I’ve been putting the same five things on my face for a while now – and I just can’t get enough of them! As it’s my first beauty post, I thought I’d let you know about a few of my new staples. eyes


There’s been a lot of hype about Roller Lash recently – so I won’t go into too much detail. All I’ll say is that I agree with all of it. (unless there is someone out there that doesn’t like it in which case – no).

I’ve also just recently started wearing liquid eyeliner again – I wasn’t such a fan of my last purchase which was the Rimmel Scandaleyes. It ran out in about 2 days, and had no staying power – and it kinda put me off buying a replacement to avoid the disappointment. This Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner has completely restored my faith and love for the stuff. It stays all day, is easy to apply, the line isn’t too thick – and best of all – it’s £2.99!

Chanel Lip


The Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Petillante is my new go-to colour. It’s a gorgeous reddy-pink, with a matte finish, and is a great alternative to red for Spring. If i’m completely honest, I don’t wear it everyday. It would be hard to wear such a bold colour everyday if you aren’t a lipstick person. (whatever a lipstick person may be?!) But as I am loving this colour so much, I thought i’d include it in my staples anyway!


Now I’m a Dermalogica girl through and through. My skin is hyper-sensitive – even a whiff of foundation and my redness inflames. I recently made a few new purchases within their range and this Ultracalming Serum Concentrate was by far my favourite. It works wonders as both a primer and a moisturizer and it’s done wonders for my redness. I will post about the rest of the range soon if you are interested, as I feel some of their products are a little lacking in some areas so I wouldn’t go out and buy the whole range without testing it first on your skin.

Barry M


This is from Barry M’s new Quick Dry Range. Colour – pitstop. And no I don’t have to look that up because so many people have already asked me what colour it is because it is PERFECT! It’s not quite grey, not quite beige. Yes, I know that sounds weird and not that appealing and it even looks a bit weird in the bottle, but it really is a great nail colour, particularly for the transition into Spring.

Have you tried any of these products before? I’d love to know what you think and what products you use regularly? 

Roller Lash / Fast Stroke / Chanel Lip / Dermalogica Serum  / Barry M Pit Stop