#Artyproject – Final Stages

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Ok before I start, if you aren’t aware of the #artyproject it’s probably a good idea to catch up on my previous post’s or this may all be very confusing! (Intro Inspiration/ Playlist


Sooo, is it just me or has time been slipping away from us? Because, last I checked I’d only just sent Maryam the email about joining the Arty Project and now the deadline is just two weeks ago. Scary stuff eh? When I had a little reminder off our Whatsapp group of just exactly how long I had left to go I had a little panic, and decided I ought to get my act together.

So, I made a kind of mini-storyboard thing (again, excuse my terrible drawing – feel free to laugh!) And I have chosen a location, music, and basically come up with the whole idea. I don’t want to give anything away at this stage so I won’t start describing it to you all. But I know what’s going to happen when, what I’m going to be wearing, and basically how it’s all (hopefully) going to piece together. The idea behind the film, I mentioned before, is how we are all the same underneath our skin. We are all made of the same blood, bones, muscles and our beauty comes from the function of our body!

What’s left! 

 Now you might be thinking ‘Oh great, Milli, sounds like you are basically there with the whole thing – why do you even need this update just post the film now!’ Well….that is thing, now all I have left to do is film it. But it’s kind of the biggest part of it, and I’ve never really filmed anything properly before so we will have to hope it goes well.

I’m going to put a day aside sometime over the next two weeks, enlist the help of a camera-handy friend and hope I can get it filmed – and edited before the June 4th deadline. If anyone has any advice at this stage it would be much appreciated! I have no idea how long it takes to edit a film like this, but I imagine to get it to what I’m picturing in my head – probably a little while! So I look forward to spending a lot of dark evenings at my desk in the coming weeks!

Time goes by…

I’m going to try my hardest to get it done before the deadline, so I don’t let you all down, but if I come across even a tiny bump in the road, I think it might be quite a tall order. But rest assured I am working on it, and there will be a final film up here to show you before the end of June (fingers crossed!)

Wish me luck!

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#ArtyProject: Playlist


Hello again lovely friends, you may have heard about a little thing going on called the Arty Project. If it’s news to you, I would suggest going back and catching up on my first post here and my update here, if you want to have any idea what the rest of this post is on about!

So, i’m gonna be completely honest with you all here and let you know I’ve not made huge amounts of progress (read: none) since my last update. When the rest of the Bloggers decided we would all post on Thursday 30th (oops) I was a little panic stricken and kinda forced myself to do some brainstorming.

PicMonkey Collage

Now, lets be honest – this is not the best way to be creative is it – however the deadline is helpful, it forces you to start thinking, which in turn leads to some ideas. Whether they are good or not doesn’t matter to start with, they are something to work with, something to develop.  They can grow into something better.

So I (finally) came to a decision about the meaning of my dance-film. It will explore the beauty of the body, underneath the surface. The strength of the muscles, bones, organs and blood that keeps it all going. Underneath are skin, we are mostly built the same. There are of course many variations but we have the same skeletons, respiratory systems, cardiac systems, muscles groups, enzymes and fluids. Underneath our skin we are all beautiful in the same way. I think the way the human body functions is an incredible, impressive and almost incomprehensible thing.

I am still planning on using some of the things I talked about in my inspo post as props etc. Not sure how yet but we will get there in the next month hopefully! (ahhhhh!!!!)

So in the meantime I’ve been thinking about a soundtrack to this dance film. I want some silence in it, maybe some sound-effects of heart beats, breathing etc. but I also want music. so i’ve put together a little playlist for you all to get an idea of the type of tracks I might use. Have a listen, and, as always, I’d love to know your thoughts!


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#ArtyProject – Inspo


Arty Inspirations. 

So a week on from my first post on the #ArtyProject (which you can find here) today, all participants are posting an update on their projects.

I mean…I’m probably not as far along as some of the other lovely artists but I have had far too many ideas to get my head around, and pin down to just one at this stage. We all work differently right? I guess my creative process is just a little bit of a mind-mess right now…

Anyway, I thought I’d try and give you an insight into that little mind-mess of mine by sharing some of the things that I’ve looked at and thought were beautiful this week. (beauty is theme – FYI)

Glass bottles

 Empty Glass Bottles 

There is something about an empty glass bottle that is just quite fascinating. Sure the big one is a pretty perfume bottle, and quite obviously beautiful. But – to go a little pretentious –  I find it interesting to think about all the things the bottle might have had in it at some point.



A postcard is possibly the most classic inspiration tool there ever was. I like these one’s for the simple blue background,  and Frida Kahlo because it is a) Frida Kahlo and b) It is Frida Kahlo in a sparkly hat. I think that needs no more explanation.



These are a few of my old choreographic journals from various past projects which I’ve been looking through in an attempt to get my head back in it’s dance-y zone and also get some movement ideas. P.s you are free to laugh at my ridiculous stick men drawings.

Single Skull


Bare with me while I go a bit deep into my head here. These skulls are made of precious stones, they are made to look pretty. but they are skulls. Skulls we associate with death, and fear. But maybe we should just associate skulls with our heads? Because, that’s like a tiny purple version of what we all look like under our faces you know…and face’s are the place on a human with what beauty is most associated…?

Ok I’m gonna stop there before it gets a bit weird up in here (oh I think probably a little too late). Anyway, so that’s a few items that may or may not influence my final piece, but they are certainly getting me thinking about all the initial ideas right now. I guess at the moment I am somewhere around thinking about why we subconsciously categorise certain things as good – why we like to have things we find attractive around us, and what is it that makes things attractive in the first place? But I basically need to find out if this is interesting enough to explore further – my questions may all be answered by google in 5 minutes time….we shall have to wait and see.

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Arty Project

What it is

A slightly different type of post today! I am very excited to be getting involved in the #ArtyProject!

It was an idea thought up by the marvellous Zoe and Vicky, who, after missing being able to get creative and put their talents to good use, decided to collaborate. They got a group of bloggers together and came up with this! The Arty Project!

How it works

Basically we will all have two months to produce a finished project (using the term ‘finished’ loosely – as we can all set our own goals and targets for how far we want to be at the end of those two months). There is a theme – and as we are all bloggers – ‘beauty’ was deemed most appropriate for the first batch of work produced! (Batch is a terrible word to describe art – I apologise!) We will post updates every two weeks on our progress. (hopefully!)

Ballet shoes

My Idea

As the above pic suggests, I will be utilising my skills as a dancer in this project, and making my first attempt to produce a short dance film. (eek…) Now, I may well only get as far as the storyboard by the June 4th deadline for the first Arty Project – but I am very keen to get going! (Although inspiration and subject matter escape me at present).

How you can get involved

This project is open to anyone who wants to get involved, whether you are an experienced artist or just want to try something new! Like I mentioned already, the art form is completely open and free, meaning you can be as creative as you like with what you make! If you want to get involved, just contact any of the bloggers involved and we will answer any Q’s, and can put you in touch with the group! Check out my contact page for my deets!

dance pic

You can check out the other bloggers involved below! I’m super excited to see what everyone comes up with, and be able to watch their process and progress on their blogs! What insight – aren’t we lucky!!

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Show of the Month: Gecko ‘Missing’ – a review.

A new feature on my Blog. Show of the Month!  Kind of does what it say’s on the tin to be honest. A review of my absolute must-see dance or theatre in London that month.

For March, it is the turn of Gecko (again) to steal the show (pun intended), with their triumphant physical theatre show Missing. 

There is something about the way Gecko use text that excites me. With all dancers (mostly) speaking their own languages, we are left to take in smorgasbord of words, sounds, movement and technology to decipher the story. We see the non-linear narrative through the eyes of a women – ‘Lily’. It is a story about love. Love between Lily and her new husband, Lily and her mother, Lily’s parents, and really it’s just about love the whole world over.

Gecko Missing Flyer

I could sit here and describe the performance, detailing the most impressive scenes, and a summarizing the characters, but the details are not what is important, or impressive about the show. It is the way it is told.

The performer’s commitment to the movement, and to their characters – there is a passion that shines through from them and brings the world to life. They are assisted by the impressive staging, particularly the large screens behind which we see photographs and film come to life, and the conveyor belts used expertly as a choreographic tool.

The story itself could be anyone’s – but that’s what makes such a seemingly niche piece of theatre so accessible. It’s a show about life, essentially…or maybe love…or both, or maybe they are one in the same? These are just a few of the questions running around my mind after the show.

Gecko Missing Programme and Flyer

This was the third time I’ve seen Missing (creep alert, I know) and it has yet to disappoint me. In fact, it somehow manages to get better every time. I enjoyed every second that I was engrossing myself into the multi-mediatized (not really a word) masterpiece of Missing. I don’t want to say it’s the best show I’ve seen. But there is a reason I keep going back. If I’m honest, I would go again in a second (extra creep-alert).

Missing is at the Battersea Art’s Centre until the 21st March. Book Tickets HERE. 

Theatre tickets on a budget!

Over the last few weeks I was lucky enough to score tickets to both Frantic Assembly’s Othello, and Gecko’s Institute.  I have never been more theatre-excited as I have been in the run up to January. For the total £35 ticket price paid for two shows I wanted to share my tricks for finding affordable tickets in the ever over-priced, ever west-end-dominated theatre‘s of London.

Ticket, tickets everywhere!

I splashed out a whole £20 note on Gecko, and for three tickets this does add up! Being a long-standing fan, I would’ve liked to get the best seats in the house, but as I have been to that theatre before I knew it was relatively small, and would still get a great view two rows from the back. I was a bit cheeky with these tickets, as I bought them as my mum and sisters Christmas presents – in a gift for you, but really for me kind of way – so I also had a nice excuse! It was more than worth the money as I was, once again, completely amazed by what I saw at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Studio Theatre from Gecko.

Frantic Assembly’s tickets were cheaper at £15. Believing I would find Frantic’s work as impressive as the rest of the twitter-sphere seems to – I couldn’t wait to trek the hour over to the Lyric Hammersmith, and indulge myself. I was disappointed, as I feel may only be inevitable after being exposed to what must be a thousand 140 character rave-reviews from school groups. Not the best £15 ever spent, but I still enjoyed the show, and I was lucky enough to have the cost covered by work this time (perk of an art’s salary).  It’s always a good idea to consider travelling out of Zone 1. Theatres like the Lyric, the Hampstead Theatre, and Greenwich often have great touring shows for a fraction of the price they are in the West End.


If you are under 25, you are in luck! The National Theatre’s Entry Pass, gets you in to top shows for a fiver, but you will be sat at the back row of the Olivier where sometimes those tiny binoculars would be useful! The Young and Old Vic’s both have schemes for under 25’s where tickets start from £10, even after they transfer to the west end! So don’t be put off if you missed a show the first time round!

Over 25’s fear not, as the National also hold its annual Travelex Season (normally end of summer to Autumn time) where tickets start from £12. Often, trips to fringe theatres (Southwark Playhouse is always a good one to try) or festivals (Institute was performed as part of the London International Mime Festival) will get you tickets at a fraction of the price, and you often get to see something new, interesting and refreshing – that’s no guarantee of its quality though!

My ticket collection


Often restricted view seats are significantly cheaper, and whilst sometimes it’s fine,  be wary. Being stuck behind a pillar, and trying to not to bang heads with the people sat either side as you peer round to catch a glimpse of the top corner of the stage does not make a great environment for taking in a show.

When you consider the £150 top tier seats for shows like the Lion King or Book of Mormon, there are tickets out there that are basically pennies in comparison. In my opinion, watching new shows is one of the most important things to do when you work in the arts industry. It gives me inspiration, knowledge, keeps my ideas relevant, and reminds me why I went into the industry in the first place. So I try not to let the cost put me off.